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Astonia 3.5

and execute it to install the game. (Detailed Instructions)

The following are a list of free programs to keep your computer secure:

Zone alarm firewall (Detailed Instructions)
AVG anti-virus (Detailed Instructions)
Spybot S&D Malware remover (Detailed Instructions)

Any technical questions about the programs, be sure to check out the FAQ and support section of their sites

Detailed Instructions For Astonia 3.5:
1. Click astonia35.exe to begin downloading the game setup.
2. A file download window should pop up: Click on save.
3. Wait for the file to be downloaded into the specified folder.
4. Once the download is complete click on "Open Folder".
5. Double-click the file called "astonia35" and then hit "Run".
6. "Astonia 3.5 Setup: Installation Folder" window should pop up, click "Install".
7. You are done; you can now start playing Astonia!

Detailed Instructions For Zone Alarm:
1. Go to the
Zone Alarm webpage.
2. Click on the "Download Now" button on the right hand side of the screen.
3. On the right hand side of the page click on "Zone Alarm® Firewall"
4. A window should pop up. Click "Save" and save the setup file.
5. Once the download of the setup is complete, click "Run"
6. Follow the instructions throughout the setup (note: you will have to register and give out your name)
7. You're done, and now protected!

Detailed Instructions For AVG antivirus:
1. Go to
AVG Anti-Virus webpage.
2. Click on "download" under AVG Anti-Virus Free 7.5.
3. Click on the link that says "AVG 7.5 Free for Windows".
4. On the bottom of the page click on "Get AVG Free Edition".
5. A window should pop up. Choose "Save" and wait for the setup to finish downloading.
6. Once the download is complete, click on "Run".
7. Follow the instructions of the setup.
8. You’re done! Your computer is virus free.

Detailed Instructions For Spybot S&D:
1. Go to
Spybot S&D webpage.
2. Go to the navigation bar on left hand side and click "Download"
3. Scroll down the page until you get to the download section. Download "Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.5.2"
4. Choose the download location of your choice under "Main Mirrors" section and click "Download Here" beside the mirror of your choice
Note: these instructions will follow "BN FileForum" mirror. If you choose different mirror the instructions will link up at step 6 once the download window pops up
5. Click on "Download Now" on the ride hand side of your screen
6. A window should pop up. Choose "Save" and wait for the file to finish downloading
7. Once download is completed hit "Run".
8. Continue by following the instructions of the setup
9. You're done! Your computer is now Spyware and Malware free!

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