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Astonia User Agreement - The Big Print

This is the short form of the Astonia User Agreement (AUA). It is not complete, but it contains the more important points. You should also check the full version.

Your account belongs to you only. If you log in to other players' accounts, or if you let other players log in to your account, all accounts involved will be banned. Any account that appears to be shared or traded will be banned permanently.

Crime and Punishment
If you break the game rules, you will be punished. Below is a list of things that will get you into trouble:
- excessive bad language
- insults and harassment of other players
- any form of scamming (be it game items, accounts, money etc.)
- misleading other players and disruption of the gameplay
- hacking and abuse of game bugs
- impersonating or disrespecting game management

Punishments range from a temporary ban to a complete deletion of the player's accounts.

Stolen accounts and items
If you have been scammed, we will try to help you. We will ban the offender, but we will only replace items for players with paid accounts. Items will only be replaced if we can find sufficient proof of the scamming. We will not help if the scamming was a direct or indirect result of account sharing.

Trading with other players
Please always use one of the in-game trader NPCs if trading items with other players. If you fail to use a trader NPC, we will not replace any of the items lost in the trade.

Account Payments for other players
You can pay for another player's account via the in game payment system. After making the corresponding payment in your account management, you can sell the payment token in game via a trader. Any other form of payment for other players' accounts is illegal and may be punished.

Members of Admin can be recognized by their name being in capital letters (ie. "COLOMAN" is a member of Admin, "Coloman" is not).

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